Miss Nikki Smith
Miss Nikki Smith RVN

I enjoy exotics and have a range of experience dealing with reptiles, birds, wildlife and small furries. I enjoyed this enough I did a further qualification in exotics, which I completed in 2016.

I enjoy exotics but have a keen interest in behaviour and rehab which I hope to further here at Apex.

At home I have a husky (Anika), springer (Narva), 2 Rosella's (Rosella and Phoenix) and a tortoise (Tortilini).

I absolutely adore Highland cows, my obsession is real. So much that I have a variety of Highland cow art, ornaments and kitchen equipment covering my house - It's bad.

I also enjoy scuba diving and gained my PADI qualification December 2017. I dive as often as I can and in any temperature. I enjoy diving in Scotland such as Loch Long or Fife. Goal would be diving with sharks in the wild without a cage.

I enjoy meeting the clients at Apex and look forward to building a stronger relationship with the patients here.

Position: Veterinary Nurse
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